The author is based on the author's long-term personal experience. She is engaged in homeopathy 11 years. Over time, she noticed the disadvantages of the market available on the market, so for 7 years it develops homeopathic complexes from specific ailments. On his account already 213 of them, which he represents in this position. In addition, the fact that Beata Moxa-Kovodzinskaya has been engaged in bioeenergotherapy and hypnosis for 5 years, is of great importance due to the nature of the content presented in the book. It offers homeopathy in situations where traditional medicine is exhausted.

"Homeopathy does not compete with traditional medicine, but such an attitude requires a change in the arguments of doctors. The exact diagnosis of the specialist, the results of the analyzes is the basis for the patient's rapid recovery. Patients have a choice which method to use in their treatment, but they are more trusted by traditional medicine (it is more popular among patients). In difficult conditions, when, according to traditional medicine, there is no salvation for the patient, patients are treated for herbalists or homeopaths, but sometimes it can be too late. "

Summing up, I expected that the position would reflect a relatively objective point of view based on reliable information and accessible to the subject in an impactal form. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

The guide is not extensive, it consists of only 6 chapters, and more than 50% of the books make up the names and symbols of homeopathic agents and their use. Personally, I expected, among other things: essential knowledge explaining the process of creating homeopathic complexes with a clear and simple way for non-professional. The book has only one illustration of the healing process, which, in my opinion, too little. Yes, the descriptions of the action of these drugs are, it is difficult about objectivity, because patients are largely people close to the author of the book. Beata Moxa-Kovodzinskaya promises a lot about the intended wonderful properties and effects of treating almost all diseases, especially those for which traditional medicine has not yet invented an effective therapeutic agent, for example, with multiple sclerosis or cancer.

I recommend it to people interested in this topic, but already having certain knowledge about it. I believe that it is worth critically refer to the content presented in it. Ein Bonus ohne Einzahlung zu günstigen Konditionen wurde hier für Sie vorbereitet: . Beeilen Sie sich, um an der Aktion teilzunehmen, um den maximalen Gewinn im Spiel zu erzielen!