It is no secret that the formation of will in the child is based on his obedience to parents. If the child of his parents does not listen and acts as he wants, then all their attempts to raise him with a volitional man can paint into the upbringing of the stubborn, which is doing everything in his own way, alternately and called someone.

Of course, both parents take part in the upbringing of children, but the father is more demanding, strict. He does not ask, but says what and when to do. And his behavior applies an example to a child.

If a child is asking for the parents, what can do himself, then this may not be a manifestation of will, but whims and stubbornness. But if the child can confront with his desire, to take some obligations on himself and perform them, to do what is needed, and not just what he wants, then this is the first steps to a truly volitional person.

It is hard to resist someone, but for yourself and your desires are even harder. The man himself is a big enemy than someone from the side.

There are such cases when a child falls under the poor influence of classmates, his friends from the courtyard. It can not resist external influence. According to their nate, it does not like to parents: lingering with friends after lessons, runs away to play away from the courtyard (and all this without agreement and warnings).

In such cases, you must first understand with the internal installations: why does he do it, really he does not respect the parents whose word for him is more important - his relatives or his friends. If he learn to deny and not talk to them even when he really wants to go somewhere, but he has home duties, then we can talk about internal installations, namely about goals and achievements.

If a teenager's athlete should sit on a diet to hold the weight to the responsible competition, it is very difficult to do it, but it is focused not only for her desires: I want a candy, a pie, and how many goal. She wants to win, and therefore she needs to refrain, and this is already a rather strong manifestation of will.

The child opposes external and knows how to turn to his mind. He is well represented by the consequences of these desires and understands what it is more important.

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