An important link in the prevention of cellulite is the correct body care at home.

It should include regular body massage with a special brush or Chinese cup. With an anti-cellulite massage, it is important to move to heart to the nearest lymph nodes.

You can alternate a shower with hot and cold water, not forgetting to always finish the ritual with a cold shower.

To the active ingredients contained in the anti-cellulite cosmetics, it is better to take advantage of the peeling procedures.

Physical activity is very important in the prevention of cellulite. Systematic exercises are burning fatty tissue, strengthen the processes of detoxification of the body by improving venous and lymphatic circulation. The most effective exercises from cellulite are aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling, aerobics, fast walking and exercises on the stepper. Regular training makes it possible to maintain the weight at the proper level, which prevents the grease under the skin.

In addition, it should be remembered for a properly balanced diet against cellulite, which includes regular meals. Fruits and vegetables must prevail in a plate, high fiber products and multizernovye products. Avoid high sugar products, products with a high degree of processing and high fat content that cause the accumulation of excess fat.

To properly moisturize the body, you need to drink plenty of water, which helps to get rid of toxins from the body. If you are predisposed to cellulite, you should not abuse hot baths and stay in the sauna. It is important not to forget to rest and avoid stress as much as possible.

Satisfactory results in the deliverance from cellulite can be achieved, in conscientiously performing all of the above rituals, correlated with the office methods for reducing cellulite and complemented by properly balanced power.


This is a specialized massage that improves the circulation of lymph, that is, the method of reducing cellulite. Improves metabolic processes, removing toxins from the body, which contributes to a more rapid resorption of edema.

Chinese massage

This is a type of massage using rubber bubbles. By moving aspirated bubble on the surface of the skin, the effect of hyperemia of fabrics contributing to the control of cellulite is created. Fizzslots